For A Cleaner Environment
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James M. Domermuth | CEO
James Domermuth is the third generation of this family owned business. He began his work in this business under the direction of his grandfather and father. From the time he began his employment Jim Domermuth worked and learned every phase of this business. He has been performed duties as a laborer, an industrial tank cleaner, equipment operator, vacuum truck operator and any other position that needed his attention. Mr. Domermuth has owned and operated the business personally since 1988 and has diversified the company as the needs of the industry have changed. He brings a lifetime of experience to every project his company undertakes and he is the KEY to his management team.
Domermuth Environmental Services has been the forefront of a challenging industry that is committed to helping businesses solve their environmental problems.

Petroleum contaminated soil has become a major concern in a world spinning on environmental issues. Petroleum contaminated soil doesn’t just go away and neither does your liability until the soil is properly remediated.

Domermuth Environmental Services is capable of providing the industry with cost effective ways to accomplish this and in addition we will continue to research for the best methods available in order that we may best serve our customers.

Owned and operated by the same family for four generations, Domermuth Environmental Services is a professional company with an established reputation. Our pride comes from a long family tradition of caring both about our customer’s needs and our environment.