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Rail Yard Services

Domermuth Environmental Services provides many types of services to railroad companies with regards to their environmental needs. Rail yards have several areas of concerns that we can address in an environmentally safe and cost-effective manner. Our experience goes beyond our ability to handle contaminated soil, debris and water. Over the past 20 years we have serviced railroad facilities in many other types of maintenance projects.

Being familiar with the rail yard work and the daily activities is critical in knowing how to move in and around an active rail yard in order to get the job done in a timely and safe manner. Some rail yards are small and only need rail debris disposal. However many yards are large and they service many railcars and commodities. The overall activity within a large yard far surpasses that of a small yard which could ultimately slow down the process of any type of environmental cleanup. That’s when an experienced contractor becomes important. Our company has that experience in all types of cleanup within the rail yards.

For further information you can call our main office in Knoxville, Tennessee at (865) 544-2850.

  • Rail Sweepings and Spill Cleanup
  • Maintain & Restore Sludge Beds
  • Ties and Debris
  • Tire and Drum
  • Track and Tank Removal
  • Property Maintenance