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BIOREMEDIATION is a well proven, EPA recognized remediation alternative that is continually incorporating some of the newest remediation technology available on the market today.

In our process we physically prepare the petroleum contaminated soil to the proper size and consistency. This allows for an efficient and proper application of protein and bacteria. Bioremediation utilizes occurring bacteria to treat a wide range of petroleum contaminated soils. Bacteria that have been isolated from a previously existing contaminated site are specifically cultured to degrade a wide range of petroleum product. The microbial cultures are designed to consume petroleum contamination, leaving clean material and completely eliminating the generator's liability.

Domermuth Environmental Services is capable of performing Bioremediation at the generator's site or at our facility. Whether your problem is a drum or a large industrial site, Domermuth Environmental Services has the answer to your problem. Unlike other Bioremediation companies, Domermuth Environmental Services guarantees its process or there is NO CHARGE.

For further information you can call our main office in Knoxville, Tennessee at (865) 544-2850.